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In today’s environment, businesses face increased scrutiny regarding the acts of their employees, both while the employee is on or off duty. As such, continuous training in the company’s policies and procedures serves to insure that employees are knowledgeable regarding prohibited acts as well as providing some insulation to the company for acts committed by employees that are in violation of policy.

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment or harassment of any nature will create major issues within the workplace. Our training plan emphasizes a zero tolerance policy aimed at insuring that everyone within the organization is aware of the policies as well as the consequences for violation of those policies.
Workplace Violence
Typically, violent acts that occur in the workplace are the result of tensions that have been building over time. Our training plan concentrates on identifying and understanding the signs and symptoms of increasing tension and the methods for dealing with those issues.
Personal Safety
Personal Safety is not something that requires extensive training but it does require consistent implementation by the individual. Our training focuses on awareness and simple techniques that will become second nature to the individual while providing increased levels of security and empowerment.
High Risk Interviews/Terminations
Preparation for high risk interviews or termination conferences is the single most important method for reducing the risk of violence or unexpected outcomes. In our training we discuss the planning aspect of these situations and then offer methods for improving the chances of successful resolutions.
HIPAA Compliance
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is one of the more misunderstood regulations in the healthcare industry. Our training provides clear and concise information on the important aspects of the act regarding privacy issues and methods to insure compliance.
Security Risk Assessments
Security risk assessments include not only physical security evaluations, but also in-depth review of the organization’s policies and procedures related to safety and security. This holistic approach creates a culture of safety and security that is internalized by the employees rather than an environment seen as restrictive and inconvenient within which to work.


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