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Corporate investigations tend to be of such a sensitive nature that the initial investigation may best be handled by a professional investigative firm, rather than by a law enforcement agency. Law enforcement agencies are typically overwhelmed with their own investigative workload and do not have the resources to devote to an in-depth corporate investigation, in which there may currently be no evidence of a crime. A private investigator with expertise in the field can best assist the corporation in a discrete internal investigation protecting the privacy of those involved. If necessary and at the proper time, the appropriate law enforcement agency may then become involved.

Adoption Investigations
Investigations into a child’s background help adoptive parents understand potential issues surrounding future contact with the birth parents, healthcare needs and social considerations. Insuring that there will be a cohesive match between the adoptive parents and the child will help determine the success of the family relationship.
Child Abuse / Custody Investigations
Investigations into alleged child abuse/neglect require special considerations that only trained investigators should handle. The investigation and/or the child’s safety can be greatly compromised if special precautions are not observed.
Criminal Investigations
Our investigators are all former law enforcement officers with years of experience in criminal investigations. This experience allows us to conduct a comprehensive investigation that will meet the needs of law enforcement for prosecution, if needed. In addition we are able to provide pre-trial litigation support services for attorney clients requiring in-depth interviews of witnesses, background investigations, etc.
Domestic Investigations
Domestic investigations are most successful with a team involvement of client, attorney and investigator. This team approach allows us to collect and document the required information in the least amount of time and in the most economical manner for the client.
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Investigations
Along with Worker’s Compensation Fraud, abuse of FMLA policies is growing as well. Discrete documentation of the claimant’s activities will assist the organization in an equitable outcome.
Fraud Investigations
Our investigators are skilled in all types of fraud investigations including embezzlement, corporate fraud and computer fraud.
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Investigations
Our trained investigators can research possible violations of the act and recommend strategies for mitigation as well as provide assessments of policies and procedures that may place the organization at risk.
Insurance Investigations
Fraudulent claims against insurers continue to drive up insurance premiums. We can conduct background research regarding the claims as well as provide documentation of the activities of individuals alleging injuries.
Process Service
We provide service of civil papers (subpoenas, summons, motions, depositions, etc.) throughout the state of State of North Carolina.
Worker’s Compensation Investigations
Worker’s Compensation fraud costs organizations millions of dollars each year. Our skilled investigators can provide discrete surveillance of claimants with video documentation and detailed reports of their activities.


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