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In today's environment, businesses must insure that those individuals who promote and provide their services will not jeopardize the reputation of the organization or in the worst case, commit an offense against staff or customers. There is no absolute predictor of future behavior; one can only use an individual's past behavior as a possible indicator of future trends. Consequently, it is of the utmost importance that pre-employment investigations uncover any and all offenses in an individual's past. This can only be accomplished through searches of state criminal record repositories in those states that maintain statewide systems, or through county record repositories in those states that do not maintain a statewide system. Searches of databases of public criminal records provided by third party information brokers will not uncover criminal records in many states; despite the vendor's claims of providing a complete search. An investigation that will stand the test of due diligence cannot be performed through database searches.

Civil Records
Searching civil records can provide additional information, particularly on applicants applying for senior management positions. These records can uncover financial issues that might otherwise be missed.
Criminal History Searches
These searches are available in all states, the District of Columbia and Canada. In states that do not maintain a statewide repository, the searches are conducted in each county of residence. Some states require special forms or submission of fingerprint cards. Despite other vendor's claims to the contrary, a National Criminal History Search (providing criminal history information from all states) does not exist. The FBI maintains the National Crime Information Center that contains felony and serious misdemeanor records from most states; however, the only dissemination of this information is limited to law enforcement agencies. Vendors that advertise National Background Checks are gathering information from various database information brokers, but for the most part these are not criminal records searches as only ten states provide criminal history information to these information brokers. At Investigative Associates, we are connected directly to the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts which provides us immediate access to NC criminal records. Consequently, our North Carolina criminal background investigations are accurate and up to date as of the time they were entered into the AOC system. For other states we also contact directly the state repository of criminal records in order to obtain our information.
Credit History Searches
This search can reveal a great deal about a prospective employee and is particularly recommended for applicants slated for financial positions. All checks are done in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
Driving History Searches
These searches are particularly important for any applicants applying for positions that require operation of a company vehicle. In some states, convictions for driving while impaired are not stored on the criminal court record and can only be located through a driving history search.
Drug Screening Services
IAC partners with Coe Management Group to provide pre-employment and other drug screening services. http://www.cmgdrugfree.com
Education Certification / Licensing Verification
Education history is the most commonly falsified information on resumes and job applications. We verify the degree, credential or license received, as well as the date awarded.
Employment History
Excluded Individuals/Entities
The Congress of the United States has implemented legislation to prevent certain individuals and businesses from participating in Federally-funded healthcare programs.  The Office of the Inspector General, under this Congressional mandate, established a program to exclude individuals and entities affected by these various legal authorities.  Bases for exclusion include convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse, licensing board actions and default on Health Education Assistance Loans.  This search will identify those individuals/entities that have been excluded from participation in these healthcare programs.
Fingerprinting Services
IAC provides fingerprinting services in our office; we can also arrange to come to your site for fingerprinting of groups of individuals.
Personal / Professional Reference Verification
Our investigators will contact colleagues and coworkers listed on the applicant's resume or job application to obtain an assessment of the applicant's capabilities and work record.
Reference Interviews
Where necessary, our professionally trained interviewers can conduct in depth interviews with applicants, revealing information that may otherwise have gone undetected.
Sexual Offender Registry Searches
Available in all states and the District of Columbia.
Social Security Trace
Provides names associated with a Social Security Number as well as present and past addresses. Information is compiled from the three major credit bureaus.


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