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The complex world of healthcare must insure that its providers adhere to and maintain consistent standards of quality care. Due to the extremely technical components involved in the delivery of care, only those individuals trained in the various disciplines within the healthcare field are able to judge the efficacy of a particular individual’s performance. This peer review helps to insure high quality care as well as to initiate improvements in processes that will better serve patients.

Medical Care Review Investigations
Our Nurse Consultants have extensive experience in clinical healthcare, both in the acute setting and in long term care and have been certified as expert witnesses on a wide variety of clinical issues.
  • Screen or investigate medical malpractice cases for merit.
  • Determine deviance from and adherence to applicable Standards of Care.
  • Summarize, translate and interpret medical records.
  • Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures, other essential documents and other tangible items needed to further develop the case.
  • Interview clients, witnesses and experts.
  • Consult with healthcare providers.
  • Serve as a liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, testifying experts, witnesses and other consultants and service providers.
  • Develop written reports for use as study tools for attorneys.


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